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Direct Contact Heat Recovery – DCHR

Direct Contact Heat Recovery DCHR

Direct Contact Heat Recovery – DCHR

Increasing energy costs demand maximum energy conservancy at all levels in the competitive global market.

The SBWW DCHR system is designed to provide preheating of process or make-up water to a maximum 145 degrees Fahrenheit  through a highly efficient plate-type heat exchanger with complete PLC monitoring of process instruments and control of valves. A fully monitored DCHR system includes flue gas temperature, draft and pressure, water temperature and pressure, exhaust gas temperature, humidity, oxygen and pressure. The DCHR system can utilize up to 100% of flue gas. SBWW carryout the project cost/benefit and pay back analysis for the four seasons in the local region.

Condensed carbonic water overflow can be used for cooling tower conditioning or neutralization tank application.

Greenhouse gas emission reduction opportunities can be provided through additional chemical/membrane technology.

Modular 4-stage model design for performance testing and evaluation of each specific performance characteristic to specific application requirements.

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